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Welcome to the FAQ page where we answer all of your questions that you send us.

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How long should I wait before I change my piercings?

Everyone's body is different and therefore react to piercings in different ways. We advise that you wait at least 6 weeks (with regular cleaning) since you got the piercing. However, if the piercing still hurts after this period of time, continue to clean it twice a day until it is no longer sore.

I don't live in the UK, can I still purchase items from the website?

Yes you can, we ship worldwide. After checkout the currency will be converted (at the current exchange rate) from British Sterling so you are charged in your local currency. Please note: Depending on the cost of your order, it may be subject to charges when being processed by customs.

Does stretching hurt?

Stretching is not a painless experience but it doesn't have to be an experience that is dreaded either. We recommend that you wait 3-4 weeks between each stretch and use lubrication when doing so to minimise pain during stretching. We also recommend that you clean it regularly to reduce chances of infection and to minimise pain further.

Stretching, where do I start?

First of all, you must have your ear(s) pierced in order to start stretching. Next buy your first stretchers, 1.6mm is usually the first size, unless you had your ears pierced at 1.6mm. If you are unsure, it is most likely that you had your ears pierced at 1.2mm (standard size for most piercings). Once you have your stretchers, ensure your ear lobes are clean and lubricate your first stretcher. Then carefully insert the stretcher into your ear. If you feel a sharp pain stop immediately and wait a few days (if this happens it is likely your piercing is not fully healed yet). However a "warm" or "throbbing" feeling is completely normal and should only last a few hours max.

When should I start wearing tunnels/plugs?

We recommend that tunnels and plugs should be worn around 6mm - 8mm. After approximately 6mm, stretchers get too heavy for the ear and cause it to bend up slightly, if left for a long period of time it will heal in a slightly bent position. Tunnels and plugs prevent this from happening whilst still allowing your ear to heal and stretch. 

How long does postage take?

We send all UK orders by first class post and dispatch the same day. See the about us page for terms and conditions.

International orders (to outside UK) are sent as Airmail small packets and will arrive within 5 days.

What payment method do you use?

The payment method we use is Paypal, however, if you don't have a paypal account you can login as a guest and use any major credit/debit card.

How do I clean my lip piercing?

Like other new piercings, lip piercings should be cleaned twice a day using anti-bacterial spray with a cotton bud for the outside of your lip. For the inside of your piercing we recommend that you use non-alcoholic mouth wash, also twice a day.

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